Dec 13, 2022

Integrating Spreadsheets With Genius Sheets

Integrating existing Excel or GoogleSheets spreadsheets with Genius Sheets custom formulas can save time in financial reporting

Integrating Spreadsheets With Genius Sheets

Quickly integrate your existing Spreadsheets with Genius Sheets

Onboarding a new software and process can be daunting! Learning a new system, and changing your financial reporting process all while balancing the hundred other items on your to-do list.

With Genius Sheets it doesn’t have to be! We designed our add-in to make integration with your existing spreadsheets and models as easy as possible.

We walk through the live example with the ideo below, but let’s also outline the steps.

The time required to integrate your spreadsheet will be dependent on how customized your reporting is.

First – create a duplicate of your existing spreadsheet that you want to use Genius Sheets Formulas on. We recommend always using cell references in the formulas for the date, because it will make it much easier to build a dynamic workbook whether you are in Google Sheets or Excel.

Second – now you need to start mapping the names of your categories. In your model, the names you are using have to match the exact name including both spelling and capitalization. Open the list categories tab in the Genius Sheets menu, and start lining up and replacing the names of the fields in your model. You can do an exact copy and paste for each one.

If you consolidated multiple line items into a category you can combine this through multiple formulas.

In this case, you want to reference the categories through text instead of cell references such as:

=GS.IS(“Travel”,”2021-12-01”,)+GS.IS(“Travel and Expenses”,”2021-12-01”,)

This formula will automatically add the two categories together allowing you to easily combine line items.

Once you map the categories in your model to those in QuickBooks, you can easily drag the formula across the model – but remember to lock those cell references! Once you have updated all the formulas, hit the refresh data button one time to complete the sync.

And that’s it! Your previously manual spreadsheets and dashboards can be updated to Genius Sheets in no time.

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