Dec 13, 2022

Creating Zapier Notifications From QuickBooks

Learn how to use Zapier to trigger notifications to your team any time data changes in QuickBooks Online

Creating Zapier Notifications From QuickBooks

Creating Zapier Triggers from QuickBooks Data

Wouldn't it be great if you could send an email to yin our sales team every time they crossed $30,000 sales in a month?

What if you could send a slack message to your clients anytime your accounts receivable went above $75,000?

Well... good news! With Genius Sheets you can set up Zapier triggers for any Google Sheets or Excel Online document. This functionality enables you to pinpoint specific cells in a workbook and trigger a Zapier response when the data changes based on your conditional trigger.

Why set up triggers?

Setting up Zapier triggers is a great way to automate notifications to your team, your clients, or even your vendors! There has never historically been a way to directly link Zapier to QBO, but using Genius Sheets custom formulas, you can set up any dashboard or report and reference the data as a trigger. That way, whether you update the data daily, weekly or even monthly, you don't have to go through the manual process of emailing yourself.

Another option is to set up a separate worksheet in either Google Sheets or Excel Online, and use this ONLY for the Zap triggers. The sheet can include anything from Balance Sheet accounts to individual GL expenses and lay out different timelines from month to date, quarter to date, or year to date balances.

This 2nd method is ideal for users who might be currently using Excel Desktop, but want an easy to to set up these Zaps without re-doing their entire reporting process.

The flexibility of setting up the Zaps also allows for a wide range of action items. You can send a slack notification team membersf your team, email clients, email team-members, or even update your to-do list!

set upypes of items might be great options to set-up automated notifications for?

Sales - we mentioned this above but this is an obvious and easy one. You can set up triggers based on the different types of income. This is a great way to help boost morale and keep your team motivated!

Vendor Expenses - do you have any vendors that charge you a variable rate each month based on usage or per hour? Adding a simple zap notification cacertaineamount you know anytime they go over a certian amout so you can stay on top of it!

Key KPIs in your Budget to Actuals - Any key expenses from your Budget to Actuals process would be perfect because you can stay on top of when you start getting close to budget. This way you can set the triggers to notify you not when you spend over budget, but when the team starts getting close, giving you time to adjust!

AR/AP - Tracking AR and AP balances throughout the month are a great way to make sure your business staysinverselyd optimized. You can set the triggers inversly to one another. Where if AP goes lower than a certain amount it indicates you might be paying your bills a little too quickly! For AR if the balance increases past a point it could mean one of 2 things. The first is that everyone isn't paying you on time and you could be facing a cash flow problem in the near future. The second could be that you are growing like crazy! We'll let you guess which option you want!

With Genius Sheets formulas it can be easy to build zaps for either Google Sheets or Excel online documents. We created a video walking through the process below. The best part is this is that it is all free. Zapier allows you to create your first few integrations free so you can get the hang of it.

Also feel free to reach out! Whether you are a current or new Genius Sheets user we can help you set it up!

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