Learn about how Genius Sheets can eliminate bottlenecks and reduce the amount of time spent searching for data

How can Genius Sheets Help your organization?

With Genius Sheets you can reduce internal data silos and the constant back-and-forth requesting data for different types of analysis.

What systems can you connect to?

We can connect to any major ERP system in addition to any 3rd party software your teams may use such as CRM or Payroll data. In addition, Genius Sheets is able to connect to any of your databases to query data directly from them?

How does it work?

Genius Sheets has 3 main interfaces - Our custom dashboard, in Excel/Google Sheets, or directly in your internal messaging apps such as Teams or Slack. Using text, you can ask questions as if you were talking to your co-worker and our AI will gather and analyze that data before sending it back to you.

How do I know the data is correct?

Every Genius Sheets response comes with a signature that indicates where the data was pulled from (if multiple sources) so it is fully auditable for the user.

Is it permission controlled?

Yes! Genius Sheets system mirrors users' existing permissions internal to the organization. Additional layers of permissions can be added or subtracted as well.

Customized Dashboard

One Hub for all of your data

No Code, No SQL - Use plain text to ask questions and get data in seconds

Genius Sheets dashboard lets you create analysis or visualizations.

Save and share those reports and visualizations with co-workers